Remote student homestay at Collegiate Resort on Murray. Young ones attend local State School. Yrs 10,11,12 study SACE & VET with us.

"It takes a village community to raise a child" African Proverb

We recognised many remote families have problems with travel distance for their children to attend High School. 

Our Murray River Collegiate Family Resort facilities, one near Mannum and one near Waikerie, may be a good option for term-time state schooling and for family holidays when the farm can survive without daily attendance.

We know that the city-based private school boarding college, although perhaps a family tradition, has very high fees and can cause much financial stress for families on the land. Attending a local State school would ease the financial stress in tight financial times.

Our oasis-like country riverfront locations provide the option for families to invest in Homestay style, staff supervised, student accommodation for the school year and use the community facilities for the family vacations creating a unique investment opportunity. Younger students can attend local public school, and the older ones can gain their SACE & continuing VET hospitality, Catering and Care Services Certificates as part of their living experience with us. These VET qualification can be included in their Senior School Certificate SACE.

As a community educational charity, we offer a concession for two or more children from one family in residence attending the local state school or our courses. We welcome homestay students of any age to our Collegiate Resort family.

Principal's experience in professionally managed school camping and for the past 15 years, international Student Homestay, builds on the intensive learning and community-building benefits of school camping and youth away from home adventure programs, we offer remote families the option of student homestay with the College as a solution for the debilitating remote student travel. Students will live with College staff supervision at the Collegiate Campus. The younger ones attend the Mannum Community College State school, a short school bus trip away. The years 10,11,12 students study with us. Our other campus near Waikerie may also be an option.

We anticipate most of our local VET students will be early school leavers training in Hospitality and care services under professional teacher supervision. Students in our homestay style boarding will fit in well with the VET students.

Family membership offers access to our private Collegiate Resort facilities for holidays and comfortable living and supervision for homestay children and their education either at the local state school or with our VET Academy.

Our Family Membership Investment option, Loan-Licence-to-Occupy, and our DGR donation to school building fund offer remote families an investment for their family schooling years at a less expensive and more family-friendly option to private City Colleges. This investment can be sold on to other families as the young family moves on in life or the family continues member with access to the resort facilities with a reduction of the student homestay berth membership only. 

We invite remote families or their friends to contact Principal Capt. Bouc on 0418 836 137 to discuss this possibility.

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Recreational Boat Licence Course
First Aid Training for boat operators
Accredited First Aid certificates
Yr.11 to Diploma at Sea or On the Murray
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Sea or River time Experience certificate.
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Collegiate Resort living on Murray Yr.10 to Diploma for a future in River Tourism, Hospitality, Care Services, Boatbuilding and River conservation.

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