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Boat Licence - best in SA Click

  • Theory discussion, practical desktop model driving
  • Practical on water boat skills training
  • Coaching on your boat (Remember your first bike?)
First Aid - Full course or updates Click

Australian Cruise Academy at Sea 2022 Click


Collegiate Family Resort on Murray 2022 Click

  • Boarding and day students Skills Learning College
  • Hospitality & Care Services on River Cruise ships
  • Boating skills, Houseboats, PWC, Ski Boat Driving
  • River Cruising on heritage and modern riverboats

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We invite you to Foundation member investment in our new Collegiate Family River Resort Marina & Wilderness Lodge

Adelaide Day Courses
Recreational Boat Licence Course
First Aid Training for boat operators
Accredited First Aid certificates
Yr.11 to Diploma at Sea or On the Murray
Tourism, Hospitality, Outdoor Rec. Care services 
Sea or River time Experience certificate.
English Language courses
Vacation School cruises
GAP year cruise program
Collegiate Living at Sea or On the Murray 
Student Expectations 
Student Costs

Collegiate Resort living on Murray Yr.10 to Diploma for a future in River Tourism, Hospitality, Care Services, Boatbuilding and River conservation.

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