Boat licence - First Aid - Cert.III or IV in Cruise Ships - GAP Year - Asia Pacific Maritime Academy

Start with boat licence.

Then build your boat skills. 

  • Join us in boating & cruising events.

1 day boat Licence course - Theory & practical

  • Boat Licence Enrol Phone 0418 836 137

- - Theory discussion
- - Multiple choice review of essential knowlege 
- - Practical boat skills training is essential.    
- - Capt. Bouc assess your knowledge & skills
- - When OK. Competency confirmed. No more tests 
- - Your licence arrives in the mail within 2 weeks. 


Check Course Dates

You are not a safe boat operator if you have only passed a reading test.

100% pass no matter how long it takes.         

Think about a Summer School Cruise, a GAP Year, a Maritime Career with Certificate III or IV in Cruise Ship Operations, Click here  First intake Dec.2016