We expect you to Work hard. Play hard. Eat well. Rest well. Love well. - - - - - - If you are a turkey, go away.

Some Academy members are high school leavers, others may be older and seeking a change in their life path. Some will be Australian citizens. Others will be migrants. Some are graduates gaining experience in cruise ship operations or Maritime sea time. Others are seeking River Community skills. All join Academy as special persons with the same student member status. We all learn from each other.

Regardless, your Academy experience will be challenging and different from anything you have done before. Enjoy the experience! 

The "Good Person" is one of our highest expectations. We all help you to earn that reputation. Academy understanding of "The Good Person'" is discussed in class at the beginning of your time with Academy. It is closely linked with your well being and life balance. Work hard. Play hard. Eat well. Rest well. Love well.

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Member Well Being: We want you to be happy and enjoying life to the full.

Watch teams: work in teams for everything you do.

Uniforms and Name Badges: Look smart at all times

Attendance to Rostered Duties: You must give your best attention to your rostered duties

Member accommodation: Members will share Academy accommodation.

Member behaviour: ACA has high expectations in relation to good behaviour.

Leave and Liberty: You go off campus for a short time (Liberty) and take vacations (Leave)

NO Tobacco or Drugs!     Responsible use of alcohol is part of your hospitality training

Application for a scholarship: Having considered the information provided and you wish to step forward, write your letter of application in the form of a job application. You may request a meeting with one of the Academy staff for further discussion and information.

  1. by SMS +61 4 1883 6137 OR
  2. email principal.aca.academy@gmail.com 

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We invite you to Foundation member investment in our new Collegiate Family River Resort Marina & Wilderness Lodge

Adelaide Day Courses
Recreational Boat Licence Course
First Aid Training for boat operators
Accredited First Aid certificates
Yr.11 to Diploma at Sea or On the Murray
Tourism, Hospitality, Outdoor Rec. Care services 
Sea or River time Experience certificate.
English Language courses
Vacation School cruises
GAP year cruise program
Collegiate Living at Sea or On the Murray 
Student Expectations 
Student Costs

Collegiate Resort living on Murray Yr.10 to Diploma for a future in River Tourism, Hospitality, Care Services, Boatbuilding and River conservation.

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