Invitation to membership of our Houseboat Marina, Collegiate Community Club Resort on the Murray.

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ANCOM on Murray Inc, [ABN: 58 742 996 740] is a registered educational charity that is moving into Vocational Training with focus on tourism, hospitality, care services and outdoor recreation associated with the Murray River Communities. It was first established in November 1980 as an Outdoor School section of a South Australian Tourism Award-winning beachfront resort under its foundation Principal, Capt. Bouc. It has progressed through registered Senior Secondary school to school camp services into VET training with a specific focus on tourism, hospitality, care services, and boating activities outdoor recreation.

As an ACNC Registered Educational Charity, it is managed by Principal Capt. Bouc, our VET business manager and a board of three public persons as required by Government regulations. It is Tax exempt. When the pending purchase of the existing RTO [Above & Below Adventure Company RTO #90473]  and re-registration as a senior high school is complete, it will be eligible to receive tax-deductible donations to its school building fund, scholarship fund and Environmental education projects.

Our immediate purpose is to build relationships and opportunities, to create facilities and VET training programs with specific attention to family participation in the use of the Resort facilities and resources as part of real industry experience training projects for interested students and family members.

The first of such relationships is with Asia Pacific Cruise Lines in providing VET tourism-hospitality training opportunities on their cruise ships working the Australian coast and into the Pacific Islands in support of the ongoing crew training.

The second is with Wentworth Shire Council in the management, maintenance and use of the historic Murray Paddle Steamer PS Ruby.

The current task is to raise capital to secure land and facilities that have been identified as suitable for the establishment of a collegiate resort campus on the Murray River in South Australia.

We are currently negotiating with a substantial foundation member investor to start the purchase of land and equipment. 

If you are interested in being a foundation member investor please contact Principal Bouc on 0418 836 137. Special considerations are available to substantial foundation member investors.

We recognise that people are reluctant to invest in an idea only, so the purchase of Real property is our immediate goal. The land has been identified and is available for purchase.

The future of the Collegiate Club depends on building a membership of students and families including their small investments in the collective Collegiate enterprises designed to be of shared benefit to all members.

If you have ever watched a swarm of ants taking a captured feast back to their nest, you will recognise the concept of Loan-Licence-to-Occupy funding. 

Phone Principal Bouc on 0418 836 137 for more detailed information about this process.

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We invite you to Foundation member investment in our new Collegiate Family River Resort Marina & Wilderness Lodge

Adelaide Day Courses
Recreational Boat Licence Course
First Aid Training for boat operators
Accredited First Aid certificates
Yr.11 to Diploma at Sea or On the Murray
Tourism, Hospitality, Outdoor Rec. Care services 
Sea or River time Experience certificate.
English Language courses
Vacation School cruises
GAP year cruise program
Collegiate Living at Sea or On the Murray 
Student Expectations 
Student Costs

Collegiate Resort living on Murray Yr.10 to Diploma for a future in River Tourism, Hospitality, Care Services, Boatbuilding and River conservation.

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