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Breathless, a special purpose training houseboat is moored at Kia Marina near Mannum. It contains 8 training berths in two 4 bunk cabins with 2 staff cabins. Day places in the Monday to Friday VET program are available for locals.

Extra accommodation can be arranged on Kia Houseboats if required for larger groups.

College on Murray courses are either at moorings or cruising.

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Recreational boating

  • One day course - Large houseboat handling This course is designed for those who are concerned about their ability to handle the large houseboats and want some coaching assistance.
  • River Master Family weekend - This weekend provides training for the whole family in houseboating. College on Murray presents the beginning of a family houseboating Logbook in which you can record all your houseboating adventures over time.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Support - As an award unit we support the full award for individuals or offer support for Adventurous Journey on the Murray.

VET accredited training

  • Provide First Aid training weekend - During this weekend you will complete an accredited Provide First Aid course. The Advanced First Aid level can be done on the same weekend. Substantial sections of the Murray are remote from first aid assistance. This means river users may have to maintain the life of an injured person for a considerable time while moving to a landing where they can meet an ambulance. 
  • Summer or mid-term Vac. School for High School Students - This is a 7 day, Sunday to Sunday Vacation school where high school students can build their VET training units for SACE points or just have fun on houseboat and canoeing.
  • Cert.III in Engineering (Boating Services) - focus on wooden boat building, renovation and general boat maintenance. Cert.III in Outdoor Recreation can be done at the same time. Not only does it build skills for the Recreational Boating industry on the Murray, it provides skills for future employment in the defence ship building enterprise in Port Adelaide
  • Diploma in River Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, Hospitality and Care Services - This is a two year, Monday to Friday study program with focus on houseboats on the lower Murray developing potential employment opportunities offered by the Lower Murray environment. 

College on Murray Campus Mannum 

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Australian Cruise Academy

    Several ships available for Australian Cruise Academy

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