Costs - Both $ Donations and Best Work Contribution is required of students.

Australian Cruise Academy is an educational charity providing Boarding Colleges on ships and on Murray River resorts in South Eastern Australia.

Academy can help with $ Costs if there is a genuine difficulty but Best Work Contribution is demanded. Everyone can work hard on their tasks.

"Good, Better, Best, I will never rest until my good is better and my better best."

Students pay Boarding School Fees as Scholarship donations containing: 

  • Boarding - (determined by the amenity of the berth)
  • Training - (determined by the course content)

Student (or sponsor) scholarship donation request is negotiated in discussion with the Principal on application.

All student scholarships are offered as a reduction from the normal passenger cruise fare or resort accommodation charges. This reduced cost donation is offered as a scholarship discount to normal public costs averaging $250 per day on our host ships and at our resorts, to assist students to pay the costs of enrolment in Australian Cruise Academy programs. We have established the Australian Tax Deductible Academy Scholarship Fund to help make Academy fees affordable for most students. Consideration will be given to extra help for worthy students in extreme financial stress situations. However, something for nothing is not valued.

  • Student sponsors may donate the scholarship contributions as a tax deduction.
  • Donations from business and the general public are welcome
  • All Donations to Academy Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible
  • Academy Scholarship Fund managed by the Principal and the Academy Board is all directed to support student residence, training and assessment.


  • Students enter the ship as special persons. Not passengers. Not crew.
    • (International students use AUS Marine Crew Visa for entry to Academy)
  • Full certificate programs are offered:
    • Minimum 10-week enrolment during each 20-week academic semester 
    • There is no limit to the extension of enrolment time (subject to good report)
  • Short Courses containing one or two units are offered
    • Short courses & their fees are advertised on our events calendar click here 
  • Vacation schools are offered:
    • 2 x 3-week Summer schools or
    • 3 x 2-week mid-term vacation schools.
  • Students are protected by Academy Volunteer insurance policy

CRUISE ACADEMY FEES (Scholarship Donation) 


  • AU$1,500 is placed in the Principal's trust account when enrolment is confirmed, to be available in the event of an emergency. Trust funds are returned on program graduation, less any outstanding amounts due. Emergencies may include:
    • health incident requiring Ambulance or hospital not covered by personal insurance
    • deliberate damage,
    • return travel home in event of resignation 
    • removal from Academy at a port of call for whatever reason.
  • INSURANCE: is required for all students and volunteers
    • Personal Accident/Health Insurance. As part of enrolment, both students and volunteers are required to present evidence of insurance covering the duration of their program. Normal extended travel insurance is adequate.
    • Academy provides Volunteer Work Place accident insurance to cover both student industry work experience training and volunteer work injuries.

COURSE SCHOLARSHIP CONTRIBUTION - (Training and Boarding combined) is negotiated with the Principal on enrolment.

Indication only: (Accommodation + Training): Semester 1 of 2020 = 20 weeks (140 days)

  • Accommodation fee includes all meals: (Varies with cabin occupancy)
    • Single occupancy ensuite cabin = $90 per day
    • Two-share ensuite cabin = $70 per day
  • Training fee including assessment (varies with course content)
    • Supervised industry experience or seatime = $30 per day
    • Accredited training and assessment = $60 per day

NB: Government training benefits may be available to Australian students to assist with these training fees. Youth allowance is available to assist with living fees.

PAYMENT: Academy Student accounts

  • A bank electronic debit card account is to be established for each student before they enter.
    • Fees are to be scheduled for payment from the account fortnightly in advance by electronic transfer.
    • The debit card account is to be used for shipboard casual spending. The ship is a cashless environment. 
    • Interest at 15%pa will be charged on all fortnightly accounts overdue by 7 days or more. 


  • Licence to occupy your berth 
    • Student berths are in cabins on the Academy Deck in the lower part of the ship.
    • The standard fees are for a single berth, all meals and all training and supervision. These fees are considered to be within the financial capacity of most students
      • Consideration will be given for students in extreme financial stress situations
  • Meal services
    • Normal meals are provided and served in crew mess or other Academy dining areas.
    • Formal meals are provided in the ship's dining rooms.
  • Access to the Academy's internet services
    • Access is provided for essential study purposes and personal communication with family and friends. The large download is not permitted.
    • 4G or 5G phone network access is generally available when the ship is close to shore.
  • Academy Master care, supervision and discipline
    • Academy Masters report to both the Academy Principal and the ship's Captain for care and supervision of Academy members.
    • All students are required to respect the instructions of the Academy masters as their supervisors. 
    • Academy Masters occupy cabins on the secured Academy decks, separate from general passenger decks. Passengers are not permitted to enter Academy decks.

HOUSEKEEPING: All students must attend watch rosters for Academy Living space housekeeping. Students maintain the Academy residential facilities as part of their safe, clean living training program. 

  • A penalty will be charged to each Academy member who fails to properly attend to their rostered Academy living housekeeping duties.
    • Academy reserves the right to charge members at casual commercial crew wage rates for non-performance of rostered duties, illness excepted.
    • See Academy expectations relating to rostered duties. Click here.


Supervision and training are included in the daily fee. Some training programs carry higher costs (See the list of units available and any extra unit fees that may apply) 

    • Consideration will be given to students in extreme financial stress situations.
    • DGR Scholarship donations to support training contributions are accepted from sponsors. Students may be able to attract their own sponsors to assist them.
  • Australian students receiving Government benefits (Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy, Unemployment, over 50's etc.) must enrol in a CenterLink approved full-time training program to retain their Centrelink benefits.
  • Our programs are CenterLink approved
    • Some Australians may qualify for Australian Government training assistance. This will be deducted from the Academy donations. 
  • International students: There are no Australian Government training benefits for International students. They must enrol in a full-time training program including industry work placement experience supervision. Content of these training programs is negotiated on enrolment.

BEST EFFORT is required of all students:

  • All our programs require approximately 35 Hrs per week study and industry placement work experience.
  • All students of other colleges who enrol with Academy for industry placement will be charged a boarding fee. (The training supervision by Academy will be contracted with the College that enrolled you.)
  • Maritime Sea Time and Hospitality Graduate Work Experiencement Placements are negotiated as an extension program to their basic qualificationsClick here

Australian Industrial workplace law requires enrolment in an accredited course of training when participating in voluntary work placement experience. 

Passengers and resort clients may enrol in Academy programs of interest, some of which require supervised experience time. Course fees are paid in addition to their normal cruise fares or resort fees.
For example:

  • A marine qualified graduate may wish to enrol as a passenger in our "Seatimer Program".  There will be a supervision fee for the required 20 hours per week seatime supervision. 
  • Other fee-for-service Academy programs may be of interest to passengers (eg a 2 day First Aid Certificate or a smartphone photography/youtube presentation course etc.)

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