Graduate & Seatimer Skills Extension Scholarship

Hospitality graduate and Seatime units extension scholarships are offered on our associate cruise ships operating on the Australian Coast and into the South Pacific Islands. 

Scholarship benefits are:

  • A secure step away from home
  • Living in a commercial cruise ship workplace environment
  • Undertaking voluntary real work experience training placement activities under the supervision
  • Enjoying the cruise ship experience
  • A detailed volunteer work experience placement log and reference
  • Our Introduction to places of employment (Ships, Superyachts, Resorts)

Scholarships are offered to Australian and International graduates to extend their units of competency at Cert.III, Cert.IV, diploma or degree graduate level. All international students will enter ships crew as a volunteer trainee under an Australian Marine Crew Visa. An Australian entry visa will also be required for Internationals to fly into Australia. Academy can assist in the visa application process, some of which must be done from outside Australia. The value of the scholarship is not taxable income. Australian students do not require these visas.

The scholarship is granted to offset normal cruise fares. Trainee donations to their scholarship are negotiated during the enrolment interview. Contibutions, payable fortnightly in advance, help cover costs of professional supervision, a berth in a shared cabin and all food. Click here for details.

A minimum enrolment of 10 weeks rostered full-time training and industry experience placement onboard the ship is expected. This can be extended on a good report. Volunteer industry placement experience roster can involve all aspects of cruise ship operations and interns will be expected to mix socially with passengers, other trainees, interns and ship's crew to gain maximum benefit from their exposure to English speaking passengers, crew and western culture.

Training extension scholarships from the following disciplines are available. All trainees are expected to share their skills with others and take multiple volunteer industry experience placement roles onboard, many of which will require extension training. All trainees must be undertaking some new skills training in addition to polishing their existing skills in industry placement:

  • Hospitality (Cert.III to Diploma) Graduates front and back of the house.
  • Tourism Graduates in Tour Guiding, Travel sales, Product Development 
  • Retail sales, pool lifeguarding, Barista, 

Exemplary behaviour is expected of all trainees in Academy living arrangements onboard the ships. All trainees are supervised by the Academy Master onboard and ship's crew mentoring personnel.

Our Expectations: Click here to check our expectations before you inquire.

Enquiry: Email or SMS +61 4 18836137

Application for admission: Click here for details

The Academy is an employment agency. We can assist you to secure a berth in the cruise industry, other similar resort enterprises or care services.


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