First Aid for recreational boat operators. We believe it should be a requirement for a boat licence.

There are no boat ambulances in South Australia. The boat operator is responsible for the life of everyone on board. Time is critical, especially in a life-threatening event. Actions taken by the boat operator (or crew) in the first 4 minutes can be critical in saving that life. 

First Aid skills, especially CPR, prevention of bleeding and treatment of hypothermia are essential parts of skipper's "Duty of Care". 
Train your crew.      It might be you.

When you are out in the boat and far from help, you may need to keep a person alive for a long time before help arrives or it could be you. Make sure your crew know what to do and how to get the boat to a place where help is waiting. 

Can one of your crew operate the boat?   

Even the young ones, if properly trained, can operate in an emergency. Forget the Licence. Teach your young ones how to operate the boat  AND  how to call for help from a very young age.

We recognise that many people have some first aid knowledge but neither the time nor the need to maintain the full First Aid certificate for their employment.
We offer a Non-accredited first aid course for boaties for people to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. We provide a Powerpoint refresher to view at home then approximately 2 hours practical training with a mannequin for CPR practise, then general discussion to complete your refresher.  
We can present the powerpoint with discussion and practical as a club event.
Phone Capt. Bouc on 0418 836 137 to arrange for a group meeting.
ENROL IN A REFRESHER:  Pre-season special 2 for $30 
  • Send an SMS request to Principal Bouc 0418 836 137 for a copy of powerpoint presentation to be viewed before the practical meeting. Include your email address for the Powerpoint document. Bouc will request $30 enrolment with credit card details for use on Pay Pal to confirm and send your PowerPoint document.
  • Check the Events Cal for the next scheduled Boat operator First aid practical for essential practical skills and discussion, approx 2 hours of an evening. 
  • We can visit your boat club if you arrange a group and are willing to welcome other boat operators to the club. Organise your group numbers and chat to Bouc on price. Club group discount will apply.

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