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0418 836 137 Phone Capt. Bouc to enrol in the Boat Licence Course. 

Driving a boat safely is a practical skill that you can not learn from a book.

A written test does not test practical skills, only your reading skills. You may be able to repeat the words like a parrot and pass. This does not mean you and your family will be safe on a boat.

Would you trust their life with a parrot?

Our Academy course will make sure you can operate a boat safely.

  • A clear explanation of the safety requirements
  • Round table discussion using a test to check knowledge.
  • Practical boat handling training & assessment

After completing our course you will have safe boat operating skills regardless of how long it takes. No extra cost.

A great fun day, especially the boat work!

Our instructor helps you while you drive to develop the skill.

Course dates - to view this calendar you will need to use a desktop or laptop computer. Only the gods know why.  Click for the calendar here 
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  1. Click here for Angas Inlet Boat Club at end of Garden Island Road, NW end of Boat Ramp parking area. Theory class in the clubrooms followed by small boat safety handling skills in the adjacent waters of the North Arm, Barker & Angas Inlets using the ACA Zodiac training boat.
  2. The course can be delivered at any suitable location at any time for groups of 4 or more people. 

Preparation  - 

  1. Read "SA Recreational Boating Safety Handbook" Click Here
Course fee:  $250 - includes classroom discussion, practical boat work training and membership of Australian Cruise Academy. Academy issues a Certificate of Competency which is used to purchase your Government Boat Licence with an application for Boat licence form from a Government Service Centre. No test is required.

Government Boat Licence Fee: $40 = Licence for Life. Purchase from Government Service Centre.

Enrolment procedure: 

A booking fee $50 payment option:
  1. Use our Bank ID 0418836137 to pay a deposit 
  2. Go to our new Online Payments page and scroll down to find boat licence deposit
  3. Phone your instructor Capt. Bouc on 0418 836 137 with your credit card numbers if you have problems with this.
Final Payment Cash on the day for the balance of the fee is requested.  Phone Capt. Bouc on 0418 836 137 to arrange a change of class date or other payment options.
Power Boat Course Content - theory:
  • Government regulations - Recreational Licence, Boat registration, Accident reporting, Policing & Safety on the water
  • Selecting the right boat, boat maintenance, safety equipment, checklists
  • Trip planning, tides, weather, time & fuel calculation, crew briefing, 
  • Collision regulations, navigation aids, lights & shapes, river navigation
  • Emergencies, first aid, fire prevention & fire fighting
  • Jetski and water skiing, Do's and Dont's
  • Environmental protection 

Power Boat Course Content - Practical

  • Pre-launch check, launching the boat, mooring the boat, crew safety check, boarding the boat & weight distribution, starting & warming engines
  • Follow Collision regulations and speed regulations at all times
  • Departing the pontoon, getting underway, determining 4 & 7-knot speed and distances, hull speed, planing speed, slowing & stopping
  • Accurate steering, straight line, figure 8, correct to a straight line, situation awareness.
  • Man overboard recovery, boat operator only with no assistance
  • Approaching the pontoon, laying alongside, applying a springer to a bit, springing on, fixing bow and stern lines, crew off.
English Language assistance - We recognise that many people have difficulty with the written test. Our course is much more reliable for these people. We assess your understanding of the essential safety rules in a practical way.
Course duration - 1 day program (09:00 to 16:00hrs). The instructor will make a general assessment of the competency of each candidate at the end of this day. A decision will then be made to issue a Certificate of Competency or to require extra training.  There is no extra cost if more training is required.

When you enrol in one of our courses you become a member of the Australian Cruise Academy. This recognises you as a trainee and is required for insurance purposes.


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