CPR Update is required every 12 months

We grant certificates for genuine competency, not like tick and flick course available elsewhere. Beware! 

CPR (NB Physical competency must be demonstrated & assessed with both adult mannequin on the floor and infant mannequin on a hard surface every year to maintain the currency of certificate)

Enrolment is through Academy

  1. Obtain your USI number click here
  2. Request enrolment by SMS to Principal on 0418 836 137 with your name, address and your USI number.
  3. Academy will acknowledge the request by reply SMS and request $50 enrolment deposit with Credit Card (Phone Principal with Card numbers).
  4. Receipt for fees will be confirmed by PayPal to your phone.
  5. Academy will provide you with your enrolment code and details to access your online work with the College.
  6. When you have satisfactorily completed your online work the website will provide you with authority to attend the Practical day. SMS Principal to provide him with your authority to attend and nominate your preferred Practical day from the list on the events calendar click here. Details for the practical days will be provided on the events calendar. Click on the event in the calendar to open the details.
  7. Practical day fees will be negotiated on your enrolment for this day. These fees vary depending on location, class size, degree of urgency or language problems requiring special 1 on 1 intensive training and assessment.

When you are enrolled, we will provide you with the access code to the the College online learning program and test. You will be required to pass this online work in your own time before you can register with Academy Principal for the practical training and assessment days. This online program gives you plenty of assistance and several attempts at the online tests if you need it. After you have passed the online test you will be provided with the code to complete your course by attending a practical training and assessment day.

The practical day will be advertised on the events calendar click here.  

  • Beginners: On satisfactory completion of the online test you will be provided with an authorization code to enrol in the Practical day. During the practical day, you will be trained and assessed in the practical application of CPR, incident scenarios, note-taking and communication with Emergency Services (EMS). Practise dictation to your mobile phone.
  • Annual CPR Update: CPR skills are critical in saving life and technique is quickly lost without constant practice. At least once per year is required for continuing competency.

Practical assessment day fees vary with location, the number enrolled, distance travelled and general learning ability of candidates. Phone Principal on 0418 836 137 for general discussion, advice and arrangement for the practical day.

The trainer/assessor (TA) will provide assessment and competency feedback on the Practical day. When assessed as genuinely competent, Outdoor Training College will send your certificate to your postal address. TA may require you to attend another practical day to achieve competency if your competency is in doubt. No extra fee is required.

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