RPL required - All first aid certificates have an expiry date - - CPR after 12 months, First Aid after 3 years

We grant certificates for genuine competency, not like tick and flick course available elsewhere. Beware! 

NOTE: For qualifications that contain Provide First Aid as a unit of competency. 

You will need RPL When your First Aid Certificate expires for:

  • CPR  - - - - 12 months after the date on the current certificate,
  • First Aid - - 3 years after the date on the current certificate 

Your total qualification is no longer current if your certificates go beyond the expiry date. Check this if you are required to hold a Current qualification for your work.

Physical Demand for the CPR component This assessment has strong physical demands. Physical competency must be demonstrated & assessed for at least 2 minutes with both adult mannequin on the floor and infant mannequin on a hard surface, every year, to maintain the currency of certificate.

No current CPR = First Aid certificate, not current. Chat with Capt. Bouc on 0418 836 137 if this is of concern to you.

Enrolment for update/RPL with ACA-OTC

  1. Obtain your USI number click here
  2. Request enrolment by SMS to Principal on 0418 836 137 with your name, address, email address and your USI number.
  3. Academy will acknowledge the request by reply SMS and request $50 enrolment deposit with Credit Card (Phone Principal with Card numbers).
  4. Chat with Principal Bouc on 0418 836 137 with any concerns about this assessment
  5. Receipt for fees will be confirmed by PayPal to your phone.
  6. Academy will email you details of the current assessment requirements. 
  7. When you are satisfied you are ready for assessment, check the Events Callendar for available assessment dates, locations and assessment fees for that date.  
  8. Request enrolment for assessment on your chosen date by SMS to 0418 836 137. Academy will phone you for credited card details to make payment for your assessment. The receipt is from PayPal. Academy will email you with confirmation of your assessment date and any other relevant information.
  9. Practical and assessment day fees vary depending on location, class size, degree of urgency or language problems requiring extra training assistance, or special 1 on 1 intensive training prior to assessment.

Assessment Days will be advertised on the Events Cal. calendar click here.  

The trainer/assessor (TA) will provide assessment and competency feedback on the Practical day. When assessed as genuinely competent, The College will send your certificate to your postal address. TA may require you to attend another practical day to achieve competency if your competency is in doubt. No extra fee is required.

In the event that competency can not be demonstrated ACA-OTC will provide a certificate of attendance at assessment and the reason why CPR competency has not been granted. (We recognise that some cannot comply with the physical demands but may well have the knowledge to instruct another person on what to do.

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