Maritime Qualifying Sea Time

Arranging seatime is the responsibility of the candidate. Maritime trainees from any IMO recognised Maritime Training organisation can be admitted to Academy as a "Seatimer" qualifying with an approved Sea Time Log or Task Book supervision program. All Academy members enter the ship under an Australian Marine Crew Visa, a quick online application. Australian Student Visa is not required. The host ships are foreign-registered vessels with unrestricted navigation.

Three Seatimer Volunteer options are offered for the accumulation of seatime. Academy Maintains Volunteer insurance which has similar benefits as "Work-Cover" insurance for paid workers.

There is no offer of employment.

1. Get your sea time as a Volunteer Academy Master. 

  • Master 5 or higher,
  • MED2 or higher,
  • Cruise Hospitality 
  • As a charity, we can employ volunteers. This satisfies Centrelink mutual obligations requirements so benefits will continue. Living is free onboard for Academy Masters. You would be working approximately 20 hours per week as a volunteer helping the Staff Academy Master. Click here for details of the Academy Master role The rest of your time can be undertaking your required task book activities with the supervision of the ship's crew. Your total time onboard will count as seatime.

2. Seatime enrolment as a Trainee as for any other trainee with the same requirements and expectations. Your training work experience time assisting the ship is expected as your scholarship contribution.

  • You will be required to undertake a lateral extension training program including required work experience contribution to assisting the ship for the remainder of your training time week after your 20hr/wk "Seatime" roster.
  • The value of the scholarship enrolment is not taxable income.
  • There is no employment offer implied in either of the above options.
  • This is a "fee for service" training opportunity for you to gain the essential qualifying sea time.
  • Academy will arrange for ship's officer supervision of your sea time as required by you Task Book or log. 

Seatimers from other RTOs who enrol as trainees (maritime deck, integrated rating or engineering trainees) are required to enrol in one or more of our elective units as an extension to their current Statement of Attainment from the other RTO to satisfy requirements for enrolment in our Academy and to allow for our final assessment for their ticket. (Coxswain, Master 5, Master ILW)

Academy, with ship's officers as supervisors, is prepared to complete the assessment of task books provided by other RTOs. Our "Seatimer" program is a full-time commitment to Academy (seatime + other industry skills development associated with clean, safe living onboard a ship). A recognised "Seatimer Day" is 4 hours in any day which must be addressing tasks associated with their specific ticket experience (task book) requirement. The remainder of the time onboard can be allocated to other duties by Academy. Rostered days off are included in sea time on extended voyages.

Academy trainee "Seatimer" enrolment requires extra shipboard experience activities in addition to the 4 hours per day  "Required Task" experience. The ACA Seatimer Log maintained in a dated and signed MSword format Log notes all shipboard experience activities, separating required hours from other logged experience hours.

See the Academy Fees page. (NB No fees if you volunteer as Academy Master)

Foreign trainees will require an Australian Marine Crew Visa. 

3. Enrolment as a passenger (Normal Cruise Fares apply) Both passenger fares and 20 hrs/week Seatime Supervision fees are paid. You will enrol as an Academy Volunteer for your seatime and be responsible to the Academy Master for your volunteer management which will be supervised by the ship's officers. Most seatime authorities expect at least 20 hours per week of supervised experience. Fees for seatime supervision are negotiated with the Principal. The Seatimer may be interested in assisting students as a mentor.

Maritime Seatimers must provide a statement of seatime requirement and documentation from their supervising maritime authority (eg a task Book if held) as part of their application for enrolment for industry placement training. Our officers will provide the required 5 hours per day experiences, supervision and will endorse the documents accordingly as part of your training program with Academy. The remaining time with Academy will be tasked to other negotiated program Academy training activities.

All trainees, including "Seatimers", are expected to participate in rostered Academy housekeeping experience on our Ships as part of their off duty living commitment. This will involve participation in all aspects of housekeeping skills training. All seatimers should mix socially with passengers, other trainees, interns and ship's crew to gain maximum benefit from their exposure to English speaking passengers, crew and western culture.

Exemplary behaviour is expected of all trainees, as with all other trainees onboard the ship. Maritime trainees will share general living arrangements with all trainees onboard the ships and will be supervised by the Academy Master and respective ship's personnel as their mentors. All trainees are required to comply with Academy expectations.

A minimum of 10-week "Seatimer" contract is expected. Enrolment can be extended under terms of our general student expectations. Click here to see our expectations.

Email Principal, or phone 61 418836137 for information on this offer.


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