College Members Only Investment for Shared use.

Member-only capital investment in Loan-Licence-to-Occupy is invited for our Facilities and equipment on the Murray. 

In addition to Annual Membership fees for private, family and corporate members which provides member access to all Collegiate resort facilities, ANCOM on Murray Inc offers individual and family member investment in Negotiable Licence to Occupy Loans as a way of collective member share financing of the College club's private accommodation, boats and activities equipment.

Selected assets of the College will be available for member's investment, for private use and for hire to tourism, recreation, accommodation and cruise hire for Government Licenced hire boats. Houseboats that are not Government Licenced Hire boats can be used (Hired) to other members only. Should a member not use their occupancy entitlements each year of ownership they can make them available for hire through the College. Each specific licence time in days entitles the investor to use that College Asset for that licenced period each year for so long as they own the licence. Some periods (eg annual long weekends) are specific to that period and carry a premium. Other normal times can be negotiated as to when they are taken. (A day is identified as 2:00 pm on the start day to 12:00 noon on the end day.) The college undertakes to hire out the member's licence on behalf of the member and will pay a 15% return to the investor only if hired out. The Licence is a negotiable asset that can be resold to other members through the College office.

As an example: Say a two share ensuite resort room has a capital value of $40,000. The capital value of one single bed for one night would be $40,000/2/365 @ 100% occupancy = $55 per night. Allowing for occupancy downtime for seasonal variation at say 80% occupancy, The Licence to Occupy has a value of $68 + the annual asset maintenance fee per night for a student berth, say a total value of $10,000 for one 20 week semester. If the college rented that berth to a student it would need to charge $78 per night for student rental of that berth and the rental money for that student would have gone. The member student who owns the berth licence having invested $55 + annual maintenance levy to purchase one night, would still have the asset for every year and could sell it through the College when they no longer required it thus recovering their initial investment with a possible capital gain. The college would charge a resale fee. This structure is very common for university colleges.

A Foundation Investor is already interested in our project. We already have a foundation investor member considering an investment of US$12,000,000 to secure riverfront properties, purchase boats and associated equipment and to build a new River Cruise Ship. He has approved the concept and is currently (September 2019) undertaking due diligence on the financials. Funding is expected by December 2019.

The Licence to Occupy Loan Investment Unit is a negotiable asset that can be resold to other members through the college. The value of the licence is determined by current market value and will fluctuate with the general reputation and desirability of membership of the college and enrolment in its programs. It is to the financial benefit of the investor members to promote and assist the college to market its services thus enhancing the value of the licence.

The college needs investment funds to match Government grant funds. We have established this arrangement as an incentive to attract investment in college facilities rather than have our members pay high rent. Our programs will generate a good rental return from our facilities so we can pay good interest to members on investment units that are placed with the college for rental to our student and tourist clients. 

Each Loan Licence to Occupy has the Capital asset value of One-night use for each of the types of the available College's capital facilities and equipment. The licence use-value is calculated on the capital value of the asset for that specific or general period of the licence. (eg Easter Long Weekend use of a houseboat has more capital value that a mid-winter 5 day weekend as being normal value.)

A schedule of Capital assets available for Loan Licence to occupy is being prepared as a preliminary estimate and will be published here when ready.

Please phone Principal Bouc on 0418 836 137 to discuss this option.

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